Cesar & Elsa

Born: both from 2017
They both come from a shelter in Slovakia.

Cesar and Elsa came to the Netherlands together, from a shelter in Slovakia in September 2019. Both lions had been on the Stichting Leeuw waiting list for a while. They were purchased in Poland as cubs by a private individual but could not stay there. The exact birthplace in is not known of these lions.

Cesar is a beautiful adult lion with impressive manes. He is a bit insecure at times but has a lot of support for the always positive and crazy Elsa who sets a good example for him. He follows her everywhere. Cesar loves food. So much so, that the caretakers often have to remove the bone remains from his food in time, because otherwise he tries to chew everything to pieces.

Elsa is a healthy, happy, and fun lioness. She makes a lot of us laugh. She is a real clown and loves all kinds of toys. She can entertain herself for hours and prefers to bounce all the toys across her enclosure. Meanwhile, she regularly teases Cesar, but she is also very important to him. Elsa’s open-mindedness makes Cesar brave enough to come along.

Cesar and Elsa moved to The Lions Foundation in April 2022. They are the perfect couple, dedicated to each other.


The Lions Foundation aims to
rehabilitate lions in need from
all over the world to their
natural habitat.


The Lions Foundation is
located in Schrikkloof
Nature Reserve.

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