We are extremely happy with any donation, be it one-off or structural, small or big.

The sanctuary needs €25.000 per animal to build safe havens for these proud big cats, with good medical care and loving caretakers. Please consider to donate.

Donations to The Lions Foundation are used to cover costs and investments involving:

  • Day-to-day care of lions in The Lions Foundation sanctuary, including security;
  • The rescue by Stichting Leeuw of lions in need, including transport, medication, costs associated with the rescue venue, etc. Stichting Leeuw has 10 years’ experience with big cats.
  • The release of lions back into the (semi) wild, including fencing. As the rescued lions were raised by people, they would not be able to survive in the wild. The lions live in 1.5ha enclosures, where they are monitored and fed;
  • Veterinary costs;
  • Scientific research projects involving the natural behaviour of the rehabilitated lions;
  • Educational projects.