— Good news! We’re almost ready to officially start our volunteer program. Make sure to keep an eye on our social pages and this website as we will be launching the new page very soon. —

We welcome volunteers from all over the world! We cannot run our big cat sanctuary without you…

Please see our complete Volunteer Info Pack, which will answer most, if not all, of your questions.

Your tasks at The Lions Foundation can include the following:

• Prepare meat for the individual big cats
• Assist the caretakers with feeding the big cats
• Clean the feeding facility and materials after feeding
• Prepare and distribute behavioural enrichments
• Observe animal behaviour
• Clean enclosures, including scrubbing pools
• Assist the security staff at night
• Feed the rescue donkeys
• Groom the rescue donkeys
• Assist the reserve manager and staff taking care of and observing the reserve wildlife
• Place, replace and inspect camera traps on the reserve and watch and report on footage
• Carry out general reserve maintenance including maintaining fences, fire corridors and roads, plant grasses and trees
• Educate visitors of TLF
• On occasion help out at Schrikkloof Lodge

    For all these tasks you will receive detailed instructions from your volunteer coordinator and the lion keepers.

    In return for your hard work and your financial contribution (which will go to your room and board and activities, the remainder to the care for the lions) you will receive:

    • Endless joy and satisfaction in your activities
    • Great experience in working with animals and in working in a team (looks good on your resume!)
    • Growing responsibilities, the longer you stay with us
    • New friendships
    • A stunning tan
    • Once a week a day off, with option to go to Bela Bela/warmbaths
    • Once a week a braai (= South African BBQ)


    The Lions Foundation aims to
    rehabilitate lions in need from
    all over the world to their
    natural habitat.


    The Lions Foundation is
    located in Schrikkloof
    Nature Reserve.

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