A big THANK YOU from the lions if your company decides to sponsor The Lions Foundation! Please contact us so we can see if we can do a little something in return.

Why not combine your gift with a company stay at Schrikkloof Private Nature Reserve, and visit our foundation? Our conference room, lodge, dining room, chalets and wellness facilities are at your disposal.


Ever since its foundation Stichting Leeuw, and now The Lions Foundation too, are supported by several companies and organisations. Together with our loyal donors, adoptive parents and volunteers they help us realise the objectives of The Lions Foundation and Stichting Leeuw. As a result of changes in legislation, an increasing number of circuses in Europe had to end their predator acts. This means an increasing demand for shelter for discarded and retired lions, tigers and other big cats. Many of these animals in need find their way to the sanctuaries in the Netherlands and South Africa.

We would like to thank all companies, organisations, donors and volunteers of The Lions Foundation and Stichting Leeuw for their financial and/or other means of support – the big cats would be lost without you. Together we can offer lions, tigers and other big cats a better future.

Would your company like to support The Lions Foundation or Stichting Leeuw and are you interested in the possibilities and current projects? Please send an email to info@thelionsfoundation.com.

Below you’ll find an overview of some of the sponsors of The Lions Foundation:

Loyal donors; The Lions Foundation relies every year on the support of a large group of loyal donors and adoptive parents. This invaluable group of people is responsible for the largest, stable part of the foundation’s income, which guarantees good care for all the big cats in its sanctuaries in South Africa and the Netherlands. Many of these people take part in the adoption programme. Adoption of one or more of the animals is symbolical, so that every cat can be adopted by more than one parent or company.

Logo LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group.png

LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group proudly supports Bruno en Omar!

Since 2021 LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group is official sponsor of these two magnificent lions, as part of their Leo Initiative programme. Their generous monthly contribution to The Lions Foundation is mainly spent on Bruno and Omar’s care.

LeoVegas’ employees, ‘Team Leo’, feel involved with the welfare of Bruno and Omar and have committed to annually help The Lions Foundation physically by taking part in the volunteer programme.

In return The Lions Foundation keeps LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group informed about the well-being of Bruno and Omar and will the name en LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group be mentioned several times on social media. Members of ‘Team Leo’ can expect a warm welcome in South Africa.

Kick and Rush football shop supports The Lions Foundation with a generous monthly gift, which can be spent on the care for the animals or any project. The men that started the Kick and Rush football shop are passionate about big cats and football.

Their shop offers cool and unique vintage football shirts from all over the world. Current shirts, but also from the past, sometimes even signed by famous players. These shirts can also be framed. True fans will certainly be interested in their collection of Panini books.

We encourage you to browse the webshop; you might well find a great present for yourself or someone else.

Proud Design designed the logo for Schrikkloof Private Nature Reserve, where The Lions Foundation is located. The owner also sponsors The Lions Foundation in South Africa.

This sponsor is kept informed about the developments in South Africa and was invited to visit the lion sanctuary project there. The Lions Foundation’s team will gladly give him a private tour.



PRD Business Intelligence gave a special gift in 2020, to build a new enclosure for lions in 2021 at The Lions Foundation. Four lions will be relocated from Stichting Leeuw in The Netherlands to a great new home in their natural habitat.

This sponsor prefers to remain in the background and has asked that his contribution will be spent completely on a tangible project.

The Lions Foundation keeps this sponsor informed about the project’s progress and gives insight in the annual figures. The Lions Foundation can contact this entrepreneur every year about new projects, which forms the basis for a long-term commitment.



The Lions Foundation aims to
rehabilitate lions in need from
all over the world to their
natural habitat.


The Lions Foundation is
located in Schrikkloof
Nature Reserve.

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